Getting ready for surf casting. vlog #70

Glimpse of my life in Japan. Chigasaki beach is famous for “Nagezuri” - surf casting.Main catch is "Shirogisu", Sill...
New Japan DAYZ

“Driving in a Porsche! We all need that moment of excitement“ vlog #67

Glimpse of my life in Japan. Driving down Rout 134 in my dream car Porsche!Sometimes we all need a moment of excitem...

“OHANAMI – Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan“ vlog #66

vlog66 is “OHANAMI - Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan“ いい季節になってきたね。最高! Please like and share! Mahalo, for another be...

The best “Keema Curry” ever! vlog #65

vlog65 is “The best “Keema Curry” ever!“ Girls are working on their paint project and I’m cooking a “special Keema C...

A “Selfie Drone” beach walk in the morning and a guide around Shinbashi Station. vlog #64

さらに外国人目線を強めて作ってみた vlog #64 is about,A “Selfie Drone walk” at Chigasaki Beach in the morning, and a guide to Shinbash...
New Japan DAYZ

My angel turning eight. Finding my dream office by the beach of Chigasaki Japan. vlog #63

引き続き、英語でのVLOGにトライ vlog #63 is about,My girl turning eight! And finding dream office by the beach. 8歳になった娘と、海沿いの憧れ...