Hawaii DAYZ 118

Still woking on tracing back PL for the Restaurant in Downtown. Massive work, taking my entire morning hours to strait it all out. As Bad companies are always indulged with vague problems, Good companies are equipped with focused topics. I guess it’s essencial for me to read between the lines and clarify the problems before we come up with any hasty solution strategies.

Meeting up with my old friend Junko and her family in Waikiki. Borrowing a 11ft longboard, my little guy and I went out on tandem for the first time. I was pretty stoked catching a couple long tandem rides, but my boy was nervously scared. Sigh…

Back at the office, finishing the day with Skype meeting and emails with clients and partners in Japan. Seems Japan has finally entered the Holiday season, Which leaves me thinking, I haven’t been attending any Bonen-Kai (a year end party tradition with your co-workers and clients, etc) this year. This is a good thing though, because I usually had about 10 Year end Parties to attend to every year, taking up so much time. Needless to say, “Time” is the only precious element we have in life.